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Letras de No Stars To Guide Us de Decadent Daughters

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This world is cold now
your heart is cold now
like a knife cuttin all til the bone

your room in darkness
your tears are sparkles
and this cell make u feel all alone

bad times killed all you believed in
and none seems to care
like dancing smoke all your dreams dissapear
over and over again

dont let it get away the light of your day
no stars to guide us
sometimes it drags your way when life's a heartbeat away
no stars to guide us

you're feeling broke now
another night up
and the morning knocks at your door

you barely can hold a home
all of that feels like nothing at all
nothing comes.....so young

bad times...

sick of authority, no friends or family
not sure where you belong
those kinf of things that you never ignored
its the same old song...
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