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Letras de Rip Your Heart Out de Decadent Daughters

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Drunk bitch fancy, drink & drive
filthy queen of hearts
like an overdoes too much to soon
and the count back for the start

shes a get down! legs up! fuck up girl!
a snowflake in hell, BITCH!
i was another one in the list
another number for kiss & tell

Dammed by you, Dammed about
Stop your blessings and rip your heart out

You got something blue stick to you
like a new tattoo
i got my head like a timebomb baby
and its tick tick tack to you

now shes white! light! and taste so good!
on converse shoes and trashcan hood
dude i could be rude and get tattoed
a brand new FUCK YOU! attitude


LETS GO! ...

you'd sell your soul & fate for get a top8 bitch!
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