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Letras de Daddy's Song de December Days

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Here am I
There's a lot of things I wanna say to you
The unspoken words that never come through
I wish I could bring them back

I confess
That sometimes I think that you don't love me
And there are times I needed you to hug me
Yet sometimes I think you don't see

And I wait
For the day that I will be your perfect son
For the day that I will find out I am wrong
And run to your arms

Cause you have been my hero
Even when I don't deserve
You try your best to give me more than words
I know it's not that easy
But we all need to learn
To forgive and to be patient when it hurts
Forget all the past

It's so tough
To open up my heart and let it go
To heal the scars and let the river flow
And wash away all my sins

I am scared
Of losing you and never have you back
Of taking you for granted and forget
Tomorrow may not come

I'm still a child
You can take me in your lap if you desire
You can kiss me in the face just for a while
I won't run away
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