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Letras de Elmo St. Peters de Defiler

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I could never stay relevant in your eyes
You were always done and on to the next one,
But i never stopped trying...
Tell me is it time?
We are broken descendants of love
But seldom did you accept your heritage.
And the progenitors weep with every heart you break.
You are my mithridates,
Complex and bittersweet.
Come on baby it's time, to sew our names
Back into the sky.
It wouldn't matter which path i take,
So long as you will follow closely behind.
A million distractions, a million roads.
Despondency is ringing true
Through my every crevice.
Through my every reopened scar.
I'm an easy case, the only thing i need
Is a signal that the mission was not in vain.
Cause if not, your at a crossroads.
We've got a world to see, and your ticket's about to expire.
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