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Letras de Hands Like A Disco de Defiler

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Our names were written in the sky,
And the angels proclaimed love.
And i will not let fate decide,
Which ever path we walk.
Give me the chance to show you the world.
Let's keep this roller-coaster going,
I wont let this be the End.
Tell me that you'll be here tomorrow.
I need you, dream of you, breathe you
Don't say that this the end.
This can't be the end.
(cuz you got one chance, and one chance only,
to stay on my good side.)
I don't advise you to bite off more than you,
Can fit in your mouth.
Mr. Gein won't have shit on me, and believe,
I'll fashion you into a fucking lampshade.
We're all, Bastard children of a vile and putrid world.
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