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Letras de Hollow Bastion de Defiler

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You cannot burn what is forged in fire.
Every vein, every artery and tendon,
Sliced like the blade you used to stab me in the chest with.
I meant every word I said, and every time I see your face,
Visions of blood and death fill my head.
Tripping into the sun, your lips left a sickening stun.
I will fill you with a deadly glow, our life together was a puppet show.
It's the law of reciprocity - you've got a shit storm coming,
And the living can't save you from me.
Fuck this and fuck you, you piece of shit.
I'd say that this was all a nightmare, but we're wide awake.
(You're falling asleep at the wheel on a crash course,
headed for the deepest circle of hell.)
Have you ever seen a human face melt right off the fucking bone?
I could crush you with the weight of a thousand suns,
Before you could mutter "I'm sorry".
I will open up the sky and watch you swallowed whole,
By the black abyss to which you pledged your soul.
These are the knuckles of a night well spent,
And this is the face of a hero you hate.
I hope these love songs break your fucking heart.
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