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Letras de Wild Wasteland de Defiler

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Atomic fire pains over decades past.The dry and merciless winters wide and
vast.Warheads constantly scope the earth.Endless armiesof slaves forged from
hell,that i have created .Contaminate disease,degrade,desecrate,violate
midnight cries in pain.The distant screams of the city below echo all through
the valley.Little do they know,less can they grasp,There beloved child is
they're destructor.Atomic fire pains over decades to come.Endless summer has
come,At long last.Warheads continue scorching the earth.Everlasting slaves
fabricated from the lie,That you all have synthesized.And now i roam this Wild
Wasteand,come all,come roam this Wild Wasteland.Come and live among the gods.
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