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Letras de Forgotten de Diva Destruction

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Forgotten & you stole the key,
Forgotten & trapped here in time
Buired in time, you stole the key,
And left me here, you led me to
This prison, and you stole the key,
You forgot what we once were
You rewrote our history, all away,
Now you're forgotten and I have
The key, forgotten, and you're trapped
Like me, you're trapped in time now,
You're trapped like me now, so
Blind to painSo blind to me, you
Made my truth all lies, you flipped
It upside down, you changed all
That you said, you erased it all away,
All away how did you? how did you ever do it?
Cause you never ever looked back!
Cause you never thought to care once!!
Teach me your trick, teach me your trick,
Teach me not to ever look back, teach
Me not to ever care, teach me your trick,
Not to care
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