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Letras de Valley Of The Scars de Diva Destruction

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In this valley of the scars
In this hell they think they're stars
In this valley things are never
What they seem, in this valley
They will fall, in this hell they'll
Learn to crawl, in this valley
Looks will always deceive you
Bring out the skeletons, cause
Your closet's way too full here
And your secret skeletons, they
Just want to come out and play
Use them or be used, the abuse
that they all choose, and the
Secrets they must keep, the
Grand illusion they all seek here
And the mighty guitarist, lives off
All his girlfriends, & the sweetest
Always cheat, but the accused are
Innocent here, & some stars have
Gorgeous girlfriends, but they
Prefer to pay for sex here, & the rich
That they all envy, but some really
Want to die now, it's survival of the
Meanest, the very cruelest of all
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