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Letras de You Are My Sickness de Diva Destruction

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We know it's sick we know it's wrong,
We know it's wrong, and our obsessions
Always rule, they always rule, but our demons
Are way too strong, we know it's sick we
Know it's wrong, you are my sickness,
My sickness i just can't kill, you are my
Sickness, My sickness that's hidden still,
Your are my sickness, my sickness and
I'm yours too, i'm yours too now, our
Dance of love's a dance of hate, a dance
Of hate, so alive & so dead with you,
So dead with you, our love is reallly a
Disease our dance of love's a dance of hate
Really a disease the more we win, the more
We die, the more we die sick of your tricks,
Sick of your lies, sick of your lies you are my
Drug, you are my death
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