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Letras de There's A Fine Line de Dropout Year

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They said shut and listen; we've heard your excuses.
Your life is a little more useful than useless.
You've got potential to change your life with a pencil.
And this problem's much too big for us just to ignore.
We're here for you now like you've been there before.

Save me from myself.
I'm begging you to help.
I'm not too proud. (x2)

I'll smile like I haven't lied in a while.
Like I haven't lied to myself
Or lied to everyone else.
I hide in a bottle and in lies,
But I cannot disguise these tears that fill my eyes.


If I could, then I would replace this pain.
If I could, then I would make you relate.


Its do or die, I'll swallow my pride.
I'll be just fine,
I've got all my friends by my side. (x2)
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