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Letras de Tire Swing Romance de Dropout Year

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Do you remember when our lips were best friends?
Do you remember when a kiss meant something?
I remember tire swings, a summer fling that meant everything to me.

Come on baby, can you blame me?
For waiting patiently,
Its sympathy that will bring you back to me.

Under the covers we are
Stubborn lovers we are
The ones that wonder
Could we ever love another? (x2)

As I wake up in your bed,
You put on make up and you said.
You made it so close to the door,
I keep you coming back for more.

Come on baby, can you blame me?
Because if looks could kill -
Id die happy knowing it was you


Fell asleep with the girl next door.
We woke up and we wanted more.
Fell in love but we werent so sure,
So quote the both of us no more. (x2)


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