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Letras de Angles And Defenses de Drowningman

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I don't know why,
i know where the pieces go.
suddenly everything makes so much sense
we lay our backs across your fence,
feels like i'm almost human.
Each gesture nearly commands respect,
with ringing ears and rringing necks
will hit the ground with scattered shots,
we'll tie your lungs in miles of knots,
we'll close your eyes.
Bricks and boards are not enough.
They're not enough, not even close.
goes right through your doors at night.
It is a quality
not often appreciated,
seldom admired,
held to bare bulbs,
we'll see it through
Short breaths
stabbing sighs
after all these years
still afraid to die.
Crush your small sense of security.
grinding it out underneath the cheapest pair of shoes i own.

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