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Letras de 1,2 Listen de Dtx

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Oh! The time has come
For my dreams to be here
Feeling time pass by,
I’ll be moving on

Burning deep inside!
This is not the ending
We’re running fast
What happened with us?
Watch the clock!
Hear the beat!!
It’s your life!!
What’s going on!?

When I try to tell you where to go now
& you don’t want to listen
Every time I try to speak
You never what to understand

All the leaves are falling
The wind is blowing
And you don’t want to listen
Everywhere I try to go
I’ll never find the way to fly
It’s not destiny!
Neither a happy ending

I’m ready to go
Something is not right
How fool could you be?
I’m looking for your feelings
But it’s ok,
Let’s move on
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