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Letras de Trace Your Steps de Edna's Goldfish

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You never thought about
the consequences it would bring
if you decided to give up
yourself to everything
situations that promise to ruin your mind
and happiness you won't find
You're digging' your own hole
and life is spinning out of control
refuse to take the blame
for situations you create
what's the root of your problem?
It's time to investigate
polluted thoughts clog up the flow
of your mind thinking straight
leading to your own fate
when you look in the mirror who do you see?
yourself or just a reflection
of who you used to be?
Take some time before it's tomorrow
and your days are filled with sorrow
your best days are to be had yet
you can't live a life of regret
things are never set in stone
you can always trace your steps back home

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