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Letras de Robophobia de Electric President

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The mouths move but I can't hear them
The voices sound like televisions when they're tuned to snow
And I'm wondering just what they know
They can't sleep they have no eye lids
Their bodies hung just like our heaters in the microwaves
But their heads turn
They'll be watching you

This is not a joke my boy
They're not something we understand
Don't think they live the way we do
They can spend but it's not because they tell them to
Don't breath or drink anything
They say they don't need things that we still need
Now I'm wandering just what that means

They don't sleep they have no eyelids
I hear them moving near my window when I'm down for bed
I think they're after what's inside my head
I can't think the wheels keep spinning
There's more of this that I can I'm not sure what they need
But my hands are tied
There is nothing much that I can do
This is not a joke my boy
They're not like those parts are missing

There's no hearts but inside their chest
Don't feel the laugh or regret
Don't know just what it means
to lose some things that you cannot get back
Now I care to find what they lack

Oh, they'll come for our heads
They'll come for our heads
Oh, they'll come for our heads
They'll come for

I heard a knock on the door
But there was no answer
I peaked through the crack
And the hand pulled me through
They dragged me outside then
You tried to stop them
There were too many
You did what you could
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