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Letras de My Hood de Elliot Ness

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It bad boy baby
Seems like i've been away too long
alot of shits been going on
my hood, my hood mother fucker
whats good,whats hood mother fucker
Now my papers way to long
damn them bad boys did me wrong
my hood, my hood mother fucker
was good, was good mother fucker
Verse 1
man i ripped that thang
drop it like its hot
said im sharp on ya block
whether u like it or not
hot damn
the feinds scream give me what u got(got)
couple of my hands got plenty at the spot
no chase
hit me on the rocks
never catch u strippin anybody could be got
any body could be shot
i just pray when they spray
that my daughter can be right
s va s da talk alot pimpin u start
guess not the pay u no attention
man listen ur funs are inefficient
my gun is so sufficient

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