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Letras de Edge Of The World de Emery

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I know your face
I know your smile and how it plays
Into the minds of those who cling to every word you say
This isn't how I wanted to remember me and you

Your eyes are talking but your lips are standing still
Open your mouth tell me how I'm supposed to feel
My finger pointing is just a warning so I suggest you

Say you're wrong
Let's get this over
I would like to get some sleep tonight

Let's get this over, I'd like to get some sleep tonight

You make it hard for me to leave
So very hard for me to leave

By now the lies you told are weighing on your chest
If I provide the rope I know you'll do the rest
But I will not be an accessory no I'm not who you think
And I will never be your enemy so don't insult me

Say you're wrong
This could be easier if I was over her
Say you're wrong
I know she's just a girl
But she's got me standing on the edge
I'm on the edge of the world

My eyes are open for the first time
This place not yours it's in my own eyes

I am not a man who lives a life of soldiers
I am not the kind of man who walks away
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I will stand up face to face or toe to toe with anyone
Yes anyone

Everything you said about me was the truth but
I just don't think that I can look at you the same
You're like a splinter that will never show its head to anyone
To anyone
Now I know that I was not the man you wanted
You know I loved you and I wanted to make you proud
My intentions were to never give myself to anyone
Look what I've done
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