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Letras de Spiritual Thing de Eric Benet

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Oh yeah! ohhh!! a spiritual. ohhh
Ooo girl, lover, friend from the day we first began; felt a connection with you, ohh.
somehow can't explain noone makes me feel the same way you do.
You're heart and mind upon. something deep is going on; it's like we've been here before (oh girl). seems like god above, had a reason to bring your love to me.
(i love what i'm feeling)
a spiritual thing
(you're giving to me, yeah)
a spiritual thing
(i know it's for real)
this spiritual thing
this spiritual love, you bring
(it's a spiritual thing!)
Love can't fade away when it's a spiritual thing. it's like we're one in the same--oh yes,
girl we've got a love that the whole world's been searchin' for; you and me. don't know that!
Repeat chorus twice
Yeah! ( i know it's for real) oh yeah! aaaa!!
(you're heart is in beat with mine)
you're heart's in beat with mine
(and no stronger love will i find)
no, no stronger love
(together our souls intertwine)(ooooo,ooooo)
together as one, ahhhh!
Repeat chorus
ends with eric adlibbing

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