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Letras de Sometime I Love U de Everest

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Sometime I Love U
(Titanic Theme as Rythm)

Where’s my heart that I give u?
Where’s my soul that is dead?
Where’s my love that I give u?

What do you do with my heart?
When you just broke it
Rest in peace the love I give u…

Just, let me, alone and in peace
U kills me and my feelings are now
Destroyed… Again!

Where’s God, when I need him?
Hiding somewhere
Where’s Cupid to show me how fighting?

Where’s my angel, to show me
The path to heaven…
Where’s my heart, where’s my soul,
Their lost!

Lost, in, a dark obscurity
And I should be alone
Caring what you do…

Let me, alone, because the pain is
To much for me
You let me alone!!

You let me without a simple reason
There’s more in what I believe.

Sometimes, life, is not how we plain
But I have to know that way it is…

Love can kill you when you are alone
But love is to learn how survive!

Life can be so hard as love
But I know a day I will be happy

You go, my heart, will be go on
You let me sad without
A hand to hold!

I don’t have those lips to kiss the moon…
I don’t have those arms to be warm…
U bring me happiness
But now I see
My happiness go with u!

My love is in your bag
You take it away
I just want to love u as
Anybody can do…

Sometime I love u, but now I think
I will love in my dreams
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