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Letras de Titanic de Everest

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Hold a picture with memories
A woman should be there

Jewelry and money
Should be in a box
But all disappear in one second…

First class, the hall,
Second and third class,
Will be running ghosts
And water because…

Ocean of memories
Bring back what we lost
Souls and objects
They’re lost!

Wood, iron is what was maid it
All it is at the bottom…

Big ship and souls
Are lost in ocean
But there’s hope to our failed!

We find the big treasure
And now we can let him
Rest in peace…

Love, desperation has come
In a day we find happiness
And it can change with a little hit of an iceberg…!

Don’t, let me, alone
Don’t let me die
Without you I can’t live because…

I learn
You show me
That you love me
And I want to live with you…
my life…

If we die
We die together
We will live with love
Until death break us…

Light, jewels, money and lives
Are resting in peace along the Titanic!

Hold a picture with memories
A woman should be there
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