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Letras de A Flower Song de Five Iron Frenzy

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Beautiful day, wonderful feeling
i feel like singing
psalms meaning songs,
singing praises all day long
joy fills the weak
joy makes us strong
filled 'till we burst
songs of praise
to the god of the universe.
Despite our selfish selves
despite all loss of hope
despite our lack of faith
despite our stony hearts
despite the waning moon
despite the ebbing tide
of how we think this world should be
praise god from whom all blessings flow
praise him all creatures here below
praise him above ye heavenly host
praise father, son, and holy ghost
Gray rainy day
down in the mud for us
i don't feel i can sing
songs to the god in control of the seasons
but what's good and bad
flow from the hands
of the god with the perfect plan
filling us with joy, all of this will glorify.

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