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Letras de All That Goes de Five Iron Frenzy

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Where does the misunderstanding come from?
demanding that we be outstanding and then some?
perfection never was a requirment although some might say
we desired it
so then for times when things get old i might get cynical
i see that i don't see
do they see you when they see me?
in honesty there's room for improvement
thoughts may change , the truth be told,
a closed mind will leave you empty
use your mind to use your soul
Alert the press, their dogmas are a mess,
opinions shift, a broken sift, an empty hand,
and billboards ask, "where do they stand."
do all streams lead to one sea?
(chorus 2)
logically there's room for all questions
though the answers aren't all known,
objectively the myth of plenty,
who dbout his truth within their soul

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