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Letras de Get Your Riot Gear de Five Iron Frenzy

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Something stirring in the air, a victory?
a time-bomb ticking to explode,
something passive, something not.
billy clubs out, call the s.w.a.t.
rabid dogs without a leash,
is this how you keep the peace?
you want riots? wear your riot gear.
you want violence?
then shoot some tear gas in the air.
It is written on your badge,
'to serve and protect',
it seemed you only served yourselves,
protecting your own neck.
controlling with fear, menacing and threatening.
you want my respect?
you better start respecting me.
Go and get your riotgear,
swing your girlie all around,
we'll be dancing on the cinders,
as the town is burning down.
swing her around, burn it all down.
Something smelled of power tripping,
crowd control was rank.
tear gas everyone downtown,
what you did really stank.
legislation, never made you judge and jury.
marshal law now,
beat the kids down with no worries.

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