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Letras de Hurricanes de Five Iron Frenzy

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Yo toda via espero un milagro,
yo toda via te espero a ti.
the sunlight is fading,
the longest shadows have been cast.
like songs from a siren,
Hurricanes from the past.
and i am a failure,
defeated every time,
so let me lie here,
a sidewalk for a shrine.
i am so lonely,
they say you were lonely too.
dear god be my savior,
i wait for you.
My broken spirit,
is trembling slow.
park bench for a throne now,
my blanket is the snow.
and i'm being haunted,
by long forgotten dreams,
for hurricanes have,
the bluest eyes i've ever seen.
I am pining for your mercy,
for this storm to break,
lord you are my comfort,
the hope for which i wait.

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