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Letras de The Greatest Story Ever Told de Five Iron Frenzy

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"how's your life?"
"how are things?"
"great they're going okay!"
something stale and superficial,
not to ruin your day.
something swell,
something gay,
with the toothiest smile,
something sappy,
something happy,
something smells like bile.
i don't want to burst your bubble,
not to rain on your parade,
underneath my skin i'm tired,
limping down the path i've made.
the clap of thunder in my veins,
breaks on barren manifold,
still and small and so mundane,
the greatest story ever told.
Are you crawling through the dismal?
gray of nothing,
frostbite kills.
does this world make light of weaving,
shrouds to bury,
graves to fill?
i am just a kindred spirity,
a runner who is running still.
welcome to the longest mile,
the most costly thing you'll ever hold,
wonderful is the journey,
the greatest story every told.
All my dreams are slowly dying.
i can count my years in scars.
the only one that's never left me,
has carried me so very far.
i've heard it said that he wastes nothing,
so beautiful to behold,
the author of my hope is writing,
the greatest story ever told.

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