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Letras de Love Is Dead (when) de Flynn

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When the love is dead and the faith is dead and the hope is dead then you know i'm dead (x4)
High mood swings move my passions no mediocrity i'm about action
i'm hot or cold alive or dead
i'm never just fine, it's never just said
there's meaning in my words, meaning when i talk
meaning to my life meaning to my walk
see i'm wide awake or i'm dead asleep
with my life i take faith in leaps
i move mountains or i let them crush me
criticism it can not hush me...it must be
truth will prevail love does live and time does tell
I either don't talk enough or i talk too much
either way it goes i'm a mother goose duck
i'm either too cerebral or too urethral
i just cancel out and i hate all people
or love em' to death and accept their pain
they willfully give and i willfully sustain
i use my brain or i use my heart
can't figure out how to make these mutual parts
so full of hate yet i'm so full of love
so full of pride but so much of a scrub
it's night or day never dawn or dusk
perplexed in my ways of love and lust
Chorus (x2)

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