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Letras de And The King Would Say de Foreverinmotion

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I once dreamt of a king
Who spoke with dignity and pride,
And whose fortune was his kingdom and his tribe.
A man who put his people first,
And loved with all of his heart,
And would do anything for them.
Where could he be now?
In this fragmented world of ours…
How did they all subside
To the greed, power, and lies?
I once thought of a king
Who respected all Gods,
And never used them, or their words, to get his way.
A man who opened his mind,
And was genuinely kind to all
Despite their beliefs.
Where has he gone now?
In this fearful land of ours…
Where in this day could he be?
Lost for none to see.
I once remembered a king
On the front lines of war,
Fighting bravely for all that he believed.
And when he died,
The soldiers all cried,
But with honor, just to be with him then.
And the king would say,
As his heartbeat slipped away…
“Love your fellow man,
And do all that you can,
For peace to find your way.
Love your fellow man,
And do everything you can.
The future holds brighter days.
Tomorrow is yours to take.”
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