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Letras de Open Eyes And The Boundless Sky de Foreverinmotion

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Every passing moment
Beauty is breathing through us like a slight breeze.
Stirring the water.
Tossing our hair.
And lifting our hopes like a sunrise
Into the air…
Open heart, open mind.
Open eyes directed towards
The boundless sky.
Open arms, open road
As I fill with the daylight and you, butterflies…
I like pretending that I’m racing telephone wires
Along the highway as they dip and bound from pole to pole.
Where tiny birds burst into perfect formation.
Flying around in the zephyr as if they were one.
Is anything telling them when and where to go?
The way they all turn together,
How do they know?

Is there a leader somewhere in the flock giving the signs?
Right now I’d give anything to learn how to fly
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