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Letras de Trust In The Lord de Fred Hammond

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Troubles come and they don't last,
Cause deep in my heart, I'll trust,

Trust in the Lord and He will make a way,
Trust in the Lord; He will make a way.

There are things I just don't seem to understand,
But I'll still trust,

When I feel the weight of the world on me, *TITL
Thoughts and opinions I cannot please, *TITL
I know that the Lord holds my destiny,
I will

Friends may come and friends may go,
It won't get me down cause I will,

I acknowledge you Lord in all that I do, *TITL
For your Word promises that you will see me through, *TITL
And even in times when my way may seem dark, I will,

For all His ways are right and true,
He knows what's best for me and you,
And I've made up my mind,
That nothing can change my faith in His Word...

I can depend on Him,
I can count on Him,
I will, trust, in Him,

*TITL--Trust in the Lord
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