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Letras de Last Chance de Fughu

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I don´t know
if i am ready to go.
if i have to start a new way
to find what i have lost.
This could be my last chance.
could this be my last chance?
and i know i must be strong
to stay away from fears.
It only takes a moment to dissapoint me.
so much information given to my brain.
i won´t give up.
i must stand up.
Something happened
in the road of wisdom.
faith had flown away
searching for the truth.
Sometimes she calls my name
and nobody can explain.
but i feel her next to me.
i know she is next to me.
Alone in the dark
i´m losing my senses.
try to run from here
i can´t move my legs.
I won´t give up.
i must stand up.
Out of my mind.
inside the world.
too many thoughts.
of being untrue.
Stay alone.
fight alone.
win alone.
til´ it´s over.
So tired, confused but safe.
i´ve learned of my mistakes.
it seems like
we don´t have time for ourselves.
we need time for ourselves.
i´ve finally found
a better life for me.
i´ve understood who i am.
No more excuses.
it´s time to work it out.
and change my point of view.
a better place, it all depends on me.
it ´s just a matter of time.

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