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huh, it's gonna be one of them days, huh
i could feel it, uh
On a day like today
i got out of bed, and upped and went my way
tryin' to find some peace within
but there ain't no rest for a weary man
Everything seems to get me down
looking everywhere just to find a smile
then the phone rings and an angel sings
hello (hello)
1 - and it's funny you should call today
it's been too long, thought you just moved on
and it's funny you should call today
you always found a way to make my day
Girl, tell me how is your family
i can't believe that you thought of me, baby
baby, my heart is beating fast
you don't know how much i missed our past, yeah, yeah
Seen a friend around a month or so
she said you're doin' well, you've got it goin' on
then the phone rings and an angel sings
hello (hello)
Repeat 1
Baby, it's like you know when i was down and out, yeah
like in the past when you would bail me out, baby baby
and i just want to, wanna thank you, girl
just to hear your voice girl, it changed my world
Repeat 1
Ain't it funny you should call today
i think about you often, baby, yeah, yeah
and it's funny you should call today
we can just be friends, babe
ain't got to be your man, no way, no way
Said it's funny, funny you should call me
'cause i've been thinkin' 'bout you, babe
i've been thinkin' 'bout you, i've been thinkin' 'bout you, baby
and it's funny, ha-ha, you should call today
ah-ha-ha-ha-ha, funny you should call, funny you should call
Said call me, oh, baby, now, call me
seems like you know when things are goin' wrong

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