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Letras de Wilding Me Out de Gerald Levert

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1 - everybody plays a fool (for someone)
calling you and paging you (9-1-1)
can't stand when you're not around
your love is wildin' me out
wilding me out, wilding me out
wilding me out
Crazy, i used to call it crazy
when my friends used to be
all confiding in me 'bout their girl
see, i never understood
how any real man could
let a woman come in
to change and shake up their world, uh no
one thing you can not change now i feel this way
Repeat 1
Calling your house, hangin' up
doin' all that crazy stuff
girl, i followed you home
just to see if you're alone, baby
ain't that crazy baby
got me callin' all your so-called friends
seeing what you did last night again
i can't sleep, i can't eat
you done beat me at my own game, baby
yes you did
i guess it's true cuz i'd be your fool
if you asked me to
Repeat 1
repeat 1
I would do about anything
just to keep you happy baby, yeah
i used to live a player's life, yeah
but you came and changed my mind baby
Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade

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