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Letras de Crow Song (en Ingles) de Girls Dead Monster

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Theres a wall of shutters behind me.
My fingertips smell like steel.
Move ahead! Strum those strings! Its crowded, at any rate.
Find a way from here.
Youll find what youre looking for.
Play some rock
Gaze into the distance
Inside this city where you cant even take a breather.

The starry sky is the best stage of them all.
The crows cry out, Caw, caw.
Im always thinking of them. I wonder when theyll go to sleep.
Find a way I will too,
In a song for me to sing out.
Making rock echo
With the crows, Ill sing out.

How long will I exist in this place?
I feel like there were people who once said that.
If youre only going to say annoying things,
Let the jet black wings carry you away and just disappear.

With all my power, Im about to collapse.
My fingers are worn out and in pain,
But, still, Ill perform. Tonight will be a big story.
Find a way from here.
Youll find what youre looking for.
Lets rock out and play on.
Ill take my luck and sing it out.

No matter how long, Ill exist here
Within all the people who pass through.
On this stage enclosed in the darkness,
I sing my poem of hope right now.
Even you must also be tired.
I want to send this to that back of yours -
From within the pitch darkness,
The song of light that gleams with hope
Yes, that song
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