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Letras de Rain Song de Girls Dead Monster

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I troubled you and left you in tears
You were grown and there was talk of you going far away
I didn’t hear! Without an umbrella
I stood still in that sudden rain

You said we would be together forever; I’m certain of it
I wonder if I was the only one to remember
Forgetting the stars I saw with you; Forgetting the dreams
I had with you
I don’t want to keep going our separate ways

I wonder if this could possibly be my birthday present
You smiled while saying that it didn’t suit me so I lost it
I’ll find it! Where is it?
The rain grows stronger

Why was I being mean to only you?
By the time I can remember all I see is my miserable face
Forgetting the movies I saw with you; Forgetting your
scent as well
I don’t want to live with anyone else

I remember the first day we met
You were in the park hiding under a tree
I poked you and tried to drive you out
Even though the rain was pouring hard

As time passes
Now I’m crying in the rain

Even though I loved you so much; Even though I really loved you
Even though it could have been someone else
Why are you the only one who has to disappear?
I’m going crazy! That’s enough
The rain’s beating down so strongly that my heart grows cold
Bumping into that tree in the park I cried like you
Forgetting what it’s like to be with you; Forgetting the love we shared as well
I don’t want to keep on crying over you anymore…
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