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Letras de Jesus On My Mind de Glen Campbell

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It's knowing heaven's door is always open and god's path is free to walk
that makes me want to kneel down on my knees and thank my lord for all he's done
and it's knowing i'm not shackled by the bonds of sin and shame or some ancient words on hallowed stones of time
that keeps him ever present like a river through my mem'ry that keeps my savior gentle on my mind
Now i'm clinging to the rock, and it's his saving grace through faith alone that binds me
not the doctrines that false prophets taught because they sought to keep us all in bondage
it's just knowing that the world was so worth saving and forgiving that he gave himself a ransom for mankind
his spirit's on the backroads by the rivers of my mem'ry and for hours my lord is gentle on my mind
Though the troubles and the struggles, and the sorrows of this world would come between us
then he comes to me so caring and he comforts me and tarries 'til they're gone
i run with perserverence, the course he set before me and when it's done i know that i will find
he's waiting there so patiently to meet me on the backroads where his spirit's blowing gentle on my mind
I sip his cup of blood poured from the loving living cov'nant of god's vineyard
and i break the bread of life bought with the stripes upon his wounded broken flesh
through scarred hands his grace began ...as he draws me now unto his rest i find
he is calling from the heavens near the rivers of my memory, forever i'll have jesus on my mind

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