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Letras de President Of Boarderland de Glow

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Verse 1:
Last night i had a great dream
Though it wasn't 'bout a girl
I was elected to be president
Of my own private world
So i gave the name boarderland
And everybody rushed
Into this first rate climate
Created without slush

We have a five day weekend - and work two days a week
On which we have good partys - where fun is guaranteed

It's cool i am the president
The president of boarderland
It's my private wonderland
I do whatever i like - and will not do
What is recommended
By a boring government
I'm a boarding president
I do whatever i like - and i say

Uhh-uhh - don't wake me up
Uhh-uhh - (just don't stop)

Verse 2:
You don't have to pay me
If you want to take a ride
But make sure to meet me
On a hard days night
No sickness after partys
Just drink as much as you like
It never snows in daytime
It’s snowing in the night

Bridge / chorus

And now that i'm the president
The president of boarderland
I'm depending on your helping hand
To rule the entire continent


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