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Letras de Cream Of Fetus de Goratory

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My recipe for torture appetite
for murder,A psychotic, Culinary
madman Seeks a pregnant slut to butcher!! !A hack job, AbortionWith a rusted, Machete
My vision an amputation An unborn sacrifice.Preparing, A massacre dining, Beginning
perverse dissections Creating
a children feast Cream of fetus
Baked or broiled Pan fried embryos
Butcher the fetus from a screaming
bitch Preheat the oven to 350,Marinate
the fetus in excrement Wait till
the top is golden brown The smell
is arising brutality Emeril Lagasi
never cooked like this before
My creation is a feast from a
disemboweled whore!! !Strong cannibalistic
intentions Forcing me into a hunger
Creating a fetal masterpiece
Devouring premature appendages!!!Tripas cocidas!!!
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