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Letras de Sanctity Within Darkness de Graveworm

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I waiting in darkness, voices are screaming
heaven appears in grey
the mointains are trembling, thunderbolt strikes
demon are coming, bloodfilled night
Demons, witches and spirits of darkness
for blindness in waiting, thy tears will be raining
innocent soul soon to be sacrificed
proclaim the almighty to arise
Diabolical laughter and screams are whirling
and the clouds block the nocturnal light
the appearance of spirits of darkness
are raping the heavenly sky
As angels falls down from the sky
daylight has now crucified
Screamings of anger, fear and despair
penetrating my mind, raping my breath
you think the time will stop for now
searching the light with the look of blind eyes
A picture of death shines in the sky
painted with blood of your own
blessed the shadows of hell
heaven will crushed by the night

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