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Friend1: hey slade!

friend2: shiggity shiggity shwa...

friend1: guess what idiot.
friend2: what you did today?
friend1: uh...
friend2: wrong!
friend1: hey i got a new super 88 system.
friend2: you did not.
friend1: swear to god. i got it at chunky's for two dollars eh.
friend2: oh yeah, let me see it [pause] wow.
friend1: yeah, you like that - idiot! i got it. you don't.
friend2: shut up. got game?
friend1: hey guess what. it has new game.
friend2: what game?
friend1: i want to play it. it's called mario twins.
friend2: they look the same. wow!
friend1: good guys. they look so god damn like the same person. i would say to them, "you want ice cream cone?" both of them say yes. how in the hell?!
friend2: they are twins.
friend1: both of them. hey lets play it. ready?
friend2: it goes...
...then the fun begins

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