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Letras de Immortalized de Hammerfall

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Heed the war cry for glory
Hear them calling your name
Hold your ground, show no mercy
For freedom in anger, now maim

Another angel is dying - Falling
His entry to heaven denied - Falling from the skies
Predestined to walk and fend in the darkness - Fortune
Reveal the gates of hell - Hex, Immortalized

The fallen, they walk all among us - Angels
Their broken wings will not bear - Angels in disguise
Etrnal dawn, in torment and anguish - Dawning
Bound to stagger this land - Hex, Immortal

[Solo: Oscar / Pontus]

We walk the line, we stand alone eternally
We're cursed to live, we cannot die, Immortalized

[Solo: Oscar]

Time goes by, now the angels feed the eternal flame
Stand your ground, cursed immortal
The Hex is now stuck to your name
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