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Letras de Bullets de Hawksley Workman

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You are every bit a soldier
i won't forget you too soon
You've got pies in the oven
all across the sea
i'm just here fighting for our liberty
that and a cold glass of beer
that's why i'm here
Stealing coins is not really stealing
when i'm with these boys
we don't share feelings
but we sure make noise
crashing on enemy walls
we crash till it falls
And if i fall to taste the ground
and you hear a fire bell sound
don't fear
it's just the bullets bouncing off my helmet
don't fear
Kindly keep this between
you and me baby
don't tell the papers just what i said
just let them figure it out
what's in my head
Ships at bay
i tattooed an anchor right beside your name
an anchor so sure that i won't float away
it's under my uniform sleeve
it's there till i leave

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