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Letras de Weak de Hind

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I can't stop the rain from falling
Or hold the sunshinie in my hand
Just as I can't stop this beating of my heart
And I could not resist you from the start..
When I saw you for the first time
Felt like the eart began to move
The only man I saw in the massive crowd
I'm lost herre in the shadow of a doubt

I am weak..
I am weak, cause the feeling gets too strong
I am flying so high, still I could be wrong
I am weak

Chances are, in the morning there'll be lies
But right now, baby, i get weak
As I look into our eyes
I can't stop the wind from blowing
Or take the moon out of the sky
Just as I can't stop the way you make me feel
Is this an illusion, or is it real..

Chorus (2x)

I get weak, cause the feeling gets too strong
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