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Letras de My First Kiss de Hi-standard

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Can't get no sleep tonight.
It's all because of you.
Even though I was with you,
and we just said goodnight.

Cheeks are burning red for you.
Heart is beating fast for you.
At last, at last, ohh....

It is my first kiss chu.
Kiss with you.
I will give you all my love.
Why is it I feel this sweet and tender?
Oh...I don't know why.
It is my first kiss chu.
Kiss with you.
I wiil give you all my love.
Yes I know it's strange
for a man to cry.
Can't hold back be in love with you.

And when we meet again,
I know just where we'll go.
All my dreams of tomorrow,
Can't help but to grow and grow.
All this love I give to you,
Give eternally to you,
For sure, for sure, ohh....
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