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Letras de Unsung Beauty de I Declare War

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She walks alone
But no one sees
What soon awaits
Life cut so short
And she is dead
Dead to all of us
Sell yourself for a price that you must pay
Selfessness is the key in this heartless game

Unsung beauty
Of a fallen one
So pretty and still

She is dead to us

She is dead
And not missed
Lost forever
Soon forgotten
Just a memory of a time with
No innocence

Put a gun
To your head
Now is your time

{time to die you fucking slut}

Selling yourself for that price you can't pay
Your morals lost gone right down the drain
Awaits her now

{snuff that bitch}

The smell of your dead and
rotting flesh would never turn
My stomach
And she is dead
Dead to us all
Paid the price
With her life
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