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Letras de Whoop Dat Trick de I Declare War

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You will beg and quiver before me.
Now you know what fear truly is.
Given the world to succeed. What a fucking joke.
It's kind of funny how shit works out.
Choke on a dick. You're a fucking trick.
I will rape you of your dignity.
As I strip you of your livelihood.
Has life been too hard for you ?
Did it feel good while they're inside?
I can't wait to hear you scream.
You beg and plead for me to stop.
Yet I can't control myself. Your insides
will taste superb. Will your family miss you ?
I am to believe not. Hopefully more will
meet your fate, for I must feed my cravings.
I will rid the world. Your body reeks
of filth and disease. So spread your
legs and let's begin. The extraction
of your tools of corruption. Were you
mommy's princess ? Or just a daddy's girl ?
Seems your luck has run out.
Your demons have caught you.
Take a look at your life. Was it worth
it in the end ? Shut up you fucking slut.
Take your grasp of air. Say goodbye
to all you love. 'Cause no one loves a cunt.
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