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Letras de Straight Up Nigga de Ice T

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Damn right i'm a nigga
and i don't care what you are
cause i'm a capitaal n i double g e r
black people might get mad
cause they don't see
that they're looked upon
as a nigga just like me
i'm a nigga not a colored man
or a black or a negro
or an afrom american i'm all that
yes i was born in america true
does south central
look like america to you?
i'm a nigga a straight up nigga
>from a hard school
whatever you are
i dot care, that is you fool
i'm loud and proud
well endowedd with the big beef
out on the corner
i hang out like a house thief
so you can call me dumb or crazy
ignornt, stupid, inferior or lazy
silly or foolish
but i'm badder and bigger
and most of all
i'm a straight up nigga
I'm a nigga in america
and that much i flaunt
cause when i see what i like
yo i take what i want
i'm not the only one
that's why i'm not bitter
cause everybody is a nigga to a nigga!
america was tole from he indians
show and prove, what was tht?
a straight up nigga move
a low down shame
yo it's straight insane
yet they compalin
when a nigga snatch
their gold chains
what is nigga suppose to do?
wait around for a handout
from a nigga like you?
that why a low down nigga gets hyped
but i'm not a nigga of that type
i'm a steak and lobster eatin'
billionaire meet
cash money makin', movin' shakin'
corporate jet glidin'
limousine ridin'
writin' hits, filthy rich
straight up nigga!
Now i'm a write this song
though the radio won't play this
but i got freedom of speech
so i'm a say it

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