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Letras de Curse Of Prostrate One de Infestum

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My scream is frozen by the wind from North
My eyes are blinded by the endless night
Song of the storm tears flesh of my ears
Cold soil drinks last drops of my blood

In Hate is the secret of my might
Tumulus waits for me tonight
Will be the Day of Horned Lord
I will reborn to feed my Sword

My dreams are crushed by lies of your god
My mind injured by this hypocrite
I tried to attain eternal piece
Now I victim of mental disease

Visions come to me
I recognize them
Demons wait for me
They heard my war-cry

My Spirit leaves my body
I loose last drops of blood
Oh ,Father, take my Soul
To your eternal light!

Come down to sacred place
Of painful memories!
Walk through this trace!
Wipe out this disease!

There is only darkness in my mind!
I'll reborn to crush your shoddy Jesus Christ!
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