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Letras de Maze Of Thorns de Infestum

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I hate this realm of venality
I scorn this slaves of pride
I spit upon their reality
I trample on your hide

I Walk my ways
I drink my chalice
I'm out of your grace
I'm out of your malice

Your holy truth turn into lies
Lies from the lips of holly teachers
They give to You unstinting praise
But You are carrion for your preachers

My words are law
Your words are nothing
Prepare to feel my saw
You see me laughing

Your church is not a bride but whore
I see her fucked with lucifer
She's not a virgin any more
She is of quite another sphere

Where are your stalwarts?
Where are your disciples?
Who knows your tables?
Who reads your Bible?

My path lies through the maze of thorns
Of human heads and human bodies
My head is crowned by crown of horns
I want to crush your holy dadies

I Walk my ways
I drink my chalice
Forever out of your grace
Forever out of your malice
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