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Letras de Wolfish Nocturne de Infestum

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Dusk begins the first chapter of
Nocturnal narrative
Nightmare comes into your sleep
You has the devil strife
Shadowy figures, wondering in forest mist
Waits for full moon, that the hunt begins.

Fear reigning in your blood
Blows up the veins inside
Night till dawn will be endless
It will witness bloody sight.
Killing stare of green eyes in mist
Growling from the dark before attack of beast.

Run, but they shall overtake you
Hide, but they shall find you
They are masters of night forest
Creators of heartrending moon nocturne.

Forest drowns your body
It brunches like claws of bird of prey
Scribble your eyes
Death will come, because wolves never delay.
Wolfish breath behind your back
You want to stop, you want to come back.

Diged up the grave & blood on stone
Lacerated meat on cold bone
You wake up by horror & fear
Wolfish nightmares nocturne disappear
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